There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane came on last night, not only did it sadden me, but it also made me raise a lot of questions. The documentary was about the tragedy of the 2009 Taconic State Parkway crash. In which eight people were killed when a minivan driven by 36-year-old Diane Schuler, after traveling 1.7 miles in the wrong direction on the parkway, collided head-on with an oncoming SUV. Diane Schuler, her 2 year old daughter, and three of her nieces were among those killed, her 5 year old son was the only survivor. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding what caused Diane to do such a thing. A toxicology report stated that Schuler was heavily intoxicated with both alcohol and marijuana at the time of the crash. Schuler’s husband Daniel has consistently denied that she abused drugs or alcohol, and has made multiple media appearances to defend his wife and call for further investigation into other possible medical causes for her erratic driving.

Maybe I’m getting too wrapped up into this, but personally I’m a little suspicious of Diane’s husband. There was one part of the documentary where Diane’s sister-in-law mentioned how her husband didn’t want children in the first place, and was upset that now he had to take all the responsibilities for his only surviving child. Maybe with all of the responsibilities dumped on Diane like that (her mother left her when she was a child, and she was left doing all the house duties as well), maybe she drank in secret to ease herself. It leads me to believe that her childhood was cut short, and she never had time for herself as she got older. They also mentioned how she suffered from dental pain and kept it a secret, so it wouldn’t surprise me that she would keep some of her other issues to herself as well.

What makes it really strange was that all the people who interacted with her before the crash mentioned that she didn’t appear intoxicated or smelled of any alcohol. The toxicology report said that Schuler had a blood-alcohol content of 0.19, with approximately six grams of alcohol in her stomach that had not yet been absorbed into her blood. I don’t know how she could have fooled those people if that was the case unless she drank and smoked while driving with the kids. I also cringe at the fact that this is a tragic story involving marijuana, my only conclusion is that she probably didn’t smoke too often. People who don’t smoke marijuana often and combine it with alcohol tend to get unfavorable results. In my opinion, if she had only smoked marijuana and not drank at all that day, I honestly think that crash would have never occurred. Alcohol is the root of so many problems, I’m not even going to begin with that debate.

A part of me feels sorry for Diane, she wasn’t a bad person to begin with, but because of some poor decisions (or what could have been a sudden medical issue) she’s forever demonized for it. There are strong reasons why people feel that way. It breaks my heart that her only surviving son is going to have to grow up with the trauma of losing his mother, his sister, and his cousins in such a horrible way, while people constantly demonize his mother. That’s a lot to take in.

I’m gonna go shower away this blah feeling. That’s the power of documentaries though, it’s so real that you feel it. Guess that’s why I still watch them.

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Look at the center of this image for 30sec, then watch Van Gogh’s *Starry Night* come to life


That was fun!

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But why?!?! I would’ve mauled him in that before picture.

But why?!?! I would’ve mauled him in that before picture.

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Can’t stop looking at Korean plastic surgery photos, what the hell is wrong with me?

Can’t stop looking at Korean plastic surgery photos, what the hell is wrong with me?

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Caux Collective Recommends: Tony Delfino (Smithe)

A few months ago, Mexican Graffiti Artist & Illustrator Tony Delfino, otherwise known as Smithe, made the art world aware of his very first set of handmade screenprints, of which I have provided a few images in the above photoset, and I thought it was about high-time I shared them with you, so here they are.

Before we get too far into it, for this post I’ve decided to attempt a little experiment, by giving all you art lovers the bare minimum content, mere snapshots of the work, if you will, as opposed to the finished artifacts. This is partly because I saw the close up shots on Delfino’s Behance and thought they would make an interesting change, but also just to see if this type of post will receive the same sort of attention, and encourage you all to look for more of his work, to find the finished pieces, or whether many of you will see the subtlety in this presentation as off-putting and simply scroll past it. I’m sure it’ll be interesting either way. I hope.

Anyway, back to the art. These wonderfully detailed pieces feature intrinsically dissected human heads, each with an added geometric, machine-like twist and are oddly equal in both stark beauty and slightly disturbing features. The gritty, hand-drawn elements of these prints really add new dimensions to their appearance, and the content, as already discussed, certainly alludes to some very intriguing thoughts about what exactly Smithe is implying is within each of us.

If you’d like to see more from Tony Delfino, or the art produced under his mononymous moniker, Smithe, follow the links to his website, Tumblr and Behance profile, all linked above.

We hope you enjoyed this post. If there are any Artists you’d like us to write about, or you’d like to give us your opinion on any issues we’ve raised in this post, contact us on our Twitter, email us on or message us here on our Tumblr page.

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House of Aquarius. The Aquarian perspective captured on film. Like the glyph, Aquarians see things from above and outside of time. During the Aquarian age, our perception of time will be destroyed. 

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Warm weather and nipples on my mind..

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Wicked Clothes presents our latest product: the Timepiece Bracelet! These flew off the shelves last time, so hurry and order!

Add a simple touch of class to your wardrobe with this unusual take on the common watch. Bracelet is adjustable; one size fits most. Just because you’re so wonderful, use coupon code ‘1000NOTES’ to get an EXTRA 10% off your ENTIRE order! Buy one now!

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Having a bit of a shampoo problem

For the past month or so I’ve been using my brothers Head and Shoulders, which combined with non-humid weather has worked substantially well for my hair. I know it’s not something I should stick to, especially since I don’t really have dandruff issues, I also prefer to not use harsh chemicals like sulfates. Now I’ve tried this Keratine smoothing shampoo, conditioner, and serum (Biofusion), and it worked well as far as straightening goes but at the same time it made my fair look really flat (could be the serum, seemed a little heavy). Head and shoulders gave my hair some body, but that’s probably because it dries the hell out of my hair (my hair is usually oily, so Idk if that’s a good or bad thing). Any suggestions on hair products that keep my hair smooth and soft, but also gives the hair some body, preferably sulfate free and/or with argon oil or keratine? Affordable would be nice too.

Edit: I’ve used Wen before, long before it got popular actually. I love the stuff, makes my hair feel like butter. My only problem is the price, and the amount of pumps you use. With my hair being 25” at it’s longest, I would probably need a gallon or so of that stuff for it to last a while. I’ve also used the knock off Wen that they have at Sally’s (forgot the name, I think the word Natural is in it), and it’s just okay, and still the amount you use is crazy. I would still use Wen if I could, but in this economy, and having to order it, I just can’t use it at the moment. Where’s the black market for these kind of things?

A pedophile, an alcoholic, and a priest walk into a bar. He has a beer.

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