I’m finally starting to get the kick start..

It’s something I should have learned a while back, but hell I was lazy about it. I finally got myself to fully watch a tutorial on kick starting (I’m a hands on learner, normally I have no patience for video tutorials even though I’ve learned plenty of moves online). I’m starting to see how it works, and I can see why my past attempts didn’t work. It’s getting to the point where I can put my other leg into it once I kick start, but kicking the hoop up to my knees is where I’m having the most trouble. With every attempt I make, my right foot and ankle suffers, at one point it felt like it was on fire. The worst part about it is that I want to keep going until I get it right, but it gets so painful that I have to take a break. Which is what I am doing right now, and I needed a little vent, so there you go. I’m sure it’s a common complaint regarding the kick start, how did any of you hoopers out there deal with it?

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2 years ago

Posted on February 22nd at 7:49 PM
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  1. craftysquid said: I’m still learning it… just take it slow
  2. introvertedspectacle said: I have yet to try it but congrats on your progress so far! :D I love that user’s tutorials and his videos have helped me through other moves with relative ease. Keep at it but give yourself some time to heal/relax in between practice!
  3. snortingpixiedust said: prepare for bruises, my legs went to hell and back when i learned that trick. you’ll get it though i have faith in you! don’t feel bad about haveing to take a break, sometimes thats exactly what you need to do to be able to do the trick properly
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